Hidden Modules

To see hidden modules a user can do:

$ module --show_hidden avail
$ module --show_hidden spider

To hide modules, a site can name a module with a leading “.” for the version or the name:

The following tree contains 3 modules, 2 hidden and one not:

$ tree -a modulefiles

├── .B
│   └── 3.0.lua
└── A
    ├── .1.0.lua
    └── 2.0.lua

$ module avail

 A/2.0 (D)

$ module --show_hidden avail

 .B/3.0 (H)    A/.1.0 (H)    A/2.0 (D)

It is also possible to mark modules with functions in modulerc files. See Site and user control of defaults, aliases and hidden modules for details on how to mark by using the modulerc files.

Remember that hidden modules can be loaded with normal commands.

Finally, if your site wishes to mark many modules as hidden, you can use the hook function isVisibleHook(). See SitePackage.lua and hooks for details. Also see the contrib/more_hooks/SitePackage.lua file for a worked example.